Preparation, Preparation, Preparation – Giving Effective Business Presentations

Getting prepared to pitch for new business, to meet a new client, or make a formal presentation can be a very daunting concept to many people.

Selling can feel unnatural

Being the one selling can feel very unnatural for the majority of professionals, who would much prefer to be on the receiving side of the desk. However, as business becomes harder to get and more and more competitive, the ability to present well has become complete necessity.

The better prepared we are for any task, the easier and more enjoyable we find it. It’s human nature to feel comfortable with things we fully understand and good preparation provides us this understanding and hence comfort. It puts us in the best state to be at our best.

So, here are some things to think about when preparing to present:

An effective presentation must be:

  • Persuasive
  • Relevant
  • Entertaining, and
  • Structured

Breaking down these 4 key points:


  • Present a compelling case
  • Present with emotion, justify with logic
  • Be quickly and easily understood
  • Demonstrate the benefits that motivate your audience
  • Build on the NEED to buy
  • Present with clarity


  • Focus on your client – be customer centric
  • Listen, really listen to your clients needs
  • Make the whole presentation applicable to your audience
  • Demonstrate that you have understood their needs


  • Be engaging, pleasant and easy to listen to
  • Maintain your energy throughout
  • Utilise all their senses
  • Appeal to a wide audience
  • If the subject matter is dry and even boring, you don’t have to be
  • Keep the audience engaged with appropriate stories, anecdotes, metaphors
  • Be impactful


  • Gives a roadmap for your audience
  • This lets them understand why they should listen and what is going to happen
  • Provides a framework, not a cage

Preparation in these areas allows you to show your client/audience that your presentation is well thought out and planned with them in mind.