Chocolates Make a Great Present

Are you one of those people who always worries when you buy someone else a present? Do you ask yourself whether the recipient will like it and whether you’ve spent the right amount?

Although there is an undoubted joy involved in giving presents to others, you’re not unusual if you also have an element of concern when you hand someone a gift.

The reality is that you wouldn’t be giving them a gift unless you liked them – they’re most probably a friend or family member. You could save some concern by thinking that they will appreciate the thought, no matter what you actually bought them.

If that thought doesn’t put your mind at rest then you might want too concentrate on picking out something that they’re almost guaranteed to love. This is easier for some people than others.

If your loved one has a particular hobby that they’re interested in then that might provide you with a good starting point. Depending upon your budget, however, it may not necessarily help you to find a solution.

There are various products that most people enjoy receiving and chocolates are surely near the top of the list for most of us. These are associated with special occasions and are perfect throughout the year.

They make particularly good presents because they are so popular and also because they come in all different shapes and sizes.

That means that you can select some that are perfect for any given occasion. It also means that you should be able to find something, no matter what your budget.

Buying chocolates takes a lot of the stress out of the process. There are even a number of internet companies that will allow you to have chocolates delivered direct to another address.

Chocolates are a great idea if you want a great present, at a reasonable cost and without even having to worry about getting them delivered!

Choosing a Mothers Day Present for Your Grandma

One of the most rewarding holidays of the year is mothers day, a chance to give a little something back to our mum and let her know that we’re thinking about her and thankful for all that she has put up with from us. With that special day fast approaching it is perhaps time to consider what we can do to thank our mothers and grand mothers this year, for me it will essentially revolve around spoiling them both. For my mother and the kids grandma the day will usually begin with breakfast in bed and some initial gifts to get the ball rolling. From there, the day revolves around them and as much as they like spending time with the grandkids I think it’s better if they have time to relax and as such I usually book them a pampering session at the local beauty spa.

My main concern however is that this may be getting a little predictable and as such I want to really surprise grandma this year and I’ve been thinking along the lines of extra special gifts for grandma. My fiancee suggest a family photograph and whilst I think this could be a good idea, due to various circumstances the entire family wouldn’t be able to make it this year, however one thing that did spring to mind is perhaps a family history box. These genealogy reports come in various shapes and formats however one thing that I know about my mother is that she does love being a bit of a detective so I think ideally what would make the perfect gift would be something that would provide the basics and allow grandma to investigate further at her own pace using various online and local library type resources.

The more I thought about this, the more I realised this would make the perfect gifts for grandma and provide her with not only something fun and challenging to complete in the short term but would also provide a lasting image and indeed knowledge that would not only be useful now, but hopefully could be passed on down through the various generations of our family. All in all I think this could be one of the better gifts I’ve came up with and my fiancee certainly agrees, indeed we plan on providing similar gifts for both of our mothers and the kids grandparents this year and certainly is a present that is rather unusual and different from the norm. For me it certainly beats the annual trip to the health farm!

Freelancers and Entrepreneurs — Let’s Examine Our Present and Recently Past Influences

What are the influences that are either helping or hindering you in your business and personal life? By making ourselves aware of them, we are more likely to work toward positive changes. In this article, my goal is to get you to examine your present and recently past influences.

The people we know, work and play with. Yes, we are heavily influenced by the people we let into our lives. If we hang out with negative, critical, complaining people, we can easily lose our enthusiasm and drive. If we join groups and make friends with those we want to emulate, we will be on our way. It is just like tennis and chess. The way one gets better is to play with someone who is better than we are. I am not suggesting that you drop the friends you have now, but I am suggesting that you join groups of winners, network with people who are known as successes and volunteer for worthy causes.

Life-long learning with books, tapes and magazines. It is astonishing to find out how few people read a book after graduation. I am sure that none of you reading this article would fall into that category. However, I must mention the wonderful scope of topics available today in book form, the plethora of tapes that inform and motivate — I listen and re-listen to tapes by Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale and am always influenced to take a new action step toward success.

Visit your public library. It offers a wealth of influence — I always use my driving time to listen to tapes and CDs. In addition, there are almost too many magazines to read. I have found that the best way to benefit from the great information is to scan and then only read those articles that pertain to some part of my business or life. No matter what your specialty is, there are magazines that address your problems and situations.

Physical activity and a focus on health. One of the strongest influences on my well-being, business acumen, and energy level is daily exercise and sensible nutrition. Studies have shown that there are so many side benefits from regular exercise and proper eating that one could easily fill a wall with post-it notes listing them.

By pushing oxygen to the heart and brain, we keep both healthy and smart. If you are having a difficult time getting started, I suggest finding a buddy to go to the gym with you or work out with you. In the fitness classes I teach, the people who participate have become friends and they cheer each other on — another positive influence.

I ask you again, what are the influences in your freelance living? Are they helping or hindering your progress? What new and better influences can you and will you embrace in the future? What bad influences and toxic companions are presently draining you of your energy and passion for living?

It is time to make two lists — one with the bad influences (past and present) and one with the good influences. Congratulate yourself on the good influences and continue to pursue them. On the list with the bad influences, add an action step and a new influence to replace each one. Take action and you will be on your way to success!